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Corfu has a good infrastructure and offers plenty of variety. The unique vegetation and the blossoms in the spring, olive trees, bring the first visitors to the island. Tourist centers, pristine beaches, quiet rural villages – the island of Corfu is full of contrasts. The arrival of Corfu is quite simple.  However, many charter flights start at the beginning of May and end usually in late October. Corfu is the most northerly of the Ionian Islands. Italy is situated opposite the southern point and through a narrow strait from the Greek and Albanian mainland separately. The island of Corfu has a surface area of 593 square km and is about 62 km long and 28 km to the north, in the south, is the narrowest point 3,5 km wide.

Corfu has approximately 114 000 inhabitants, of which about 45 000 in the capital Kerkyra's life. The highest mountain in the north of the island is the Pantokrator, with a height of approximately 906 meters above the sea level. Corfu is the most westerly corner of Greece and the economic center of the Ionian Islands. The tourist development of the last 40 years, they led to tourism incomes today. Agriculture plays only a subordinate role. About 1.5 million tourists visiting the island of Corfu every year.

Travel Tips

We want you to enjoy your visit to Corfu and see the best of this beautifull island. A hire car will help you find the quieter, more remote beaches, mountains villages and stunning panoramic vieuws.

Corfu is a beautifull island, with beaches, delicious food, and breathtaking natural beauty, it’s sometimes nice to get out and explore some of its surroundings by coach. 

Corfu is a beautifull island, with beaches, delicious food, and breathtaking natural beauty,  Taking a boat out to see the exciting surroundings of Corfu is the top way to explore.

Our range of activity trips includes cultural and discovery holidays, cycling, walking and trekking, family holidays and the opportunity to see the weird and wonderful wildlife on Corfu.

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